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Reaching Maintenance - Yay!

Lisa G.
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21 Nov 2016

After our false start last week, were we finally going to be able to start maintenance?

Today saw us back at GOSH for a second attempt at starting maintenance.  Hugo's rosy cheeks had gone and his bloods were up a little, so we were hopeful that this time would be more successful.

It was good news, maintenance was a go!  His bloods weren't quite high enough to start at a full dose, so for this first week he would be taking half doses, a gentle introduction for him.  So, after 6 months of intensive treatment, of unpredictable treatment plans, of drug side effects, of so much fear and worry, we were finally seeing a light and it felt good, so good.

I am under no illusion that this phase is going to be easy, so much is still unknown and we have a great deal to learn and adjust to, but I have to have hope.  Hope that we will find some peace within our new normal.  That the difficulties we face will make us stronger.  That Hugo will continue to show the amazing strength and courage that he has so far.

We will continue to take things one day at a time, but maybe now, occasionally, we can sneak a look forward too.  The future is still scary and daunting, but Hugo has come so far and that should be celebrated.  In this difficult journey we need to find joy in the mini victories.

So, let's raise a glass, allow ourselves to smile and feel positive, even if just for tonight.  Let's forget our fears and worries about the future and enjoy the moment.  Hugo has reached maintenance, he is kicking cancer's butt!  Go Hugo!

25 January 2016

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