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Brett G
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06 May 2016

Two years on from AML diagnosis and still here! Time to think and to look back...

Tomorrow marks 2 years on from my AML diagnosis. I had kind of forgotten about it, but my sister reminded me that it was nearly two years since she had stopped smoking, well done to her.

Now is a time to reflect, there have been quite a few ups and downs; diagnosis, remission, return to work, relapse, remission, stem cell transplant (just over 6 months ago), and the ongoing path of recovery. I have blogged much less this time around as having relapsed once I know just how hairy things can be and don’t want to count chickens etc. However, I am still alive, which has to be a good sign! I had one of my very frequent post transplant check ups this week, and although the level of donor cells (‘chimerism’) are still not as high as we might like in order to have maximum leukaemia fighting ability against any residual disease, the trend is up, so great news.

Now is also a sad time, as unfortunately many people who we have met along the way have not made it or are suffering from severe effects from the treatment. This is such a harsh disease, that makes no differentiation between young or old, unkindly taking many lovely people with it, yet who show such immense courage. I am truly humbled by them, and our prayers go to them and their families.

I and my wonderful wife Bushra are so thankful to my donor who has enabled me to be here, and to the superb NHS team who somehow knew what was the best treatment. As a consultant said to me this week; it is a black art getting the balance between fixing the disease and minimising the effects of the treatment. Research carried out to date has seen enormous gains in survival, however far too many still fail to make it, work in this field is so valuable.



Hi Brett, so good to hear you are doing well. I was concerned for you after not seeing any blogs following your transplant, especially after another blogger in a similar boat to us sadly lost the fight.  I did hunt around the internet for you in the hope of finding you alive and kicking somewhere, and was very happy to find you chatting about cars!

It must be tough to get your hopes up again, but things sound promising.  I have just passed my 2 year anniversary of my Aml diagnosis, I too had only 3 rounds of chemo like you,  only because the doctors felt my bone marrow wouldn't tolerate the 4th.  I think about you and your family most days and hope that your journey is progressing positively.  You strike me as a very positive man with a wonderful supportive family, step by step you will get closer to recovery.  I have started a part time job, and am back to as normal a life as I think I will have.  I have fibromyalgia as a result of the chemo, which is limiting my activity, no charity mountain climbs or bike rides for me, but at least I am still here to look after my little girls, which sadly others in our shoes are not.  I am thankful for that everyday.  Stay strong Brett, and please update your progress when you feel you can.   

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