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Return of the pilgrim Hatch

Daren W
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18 May 2014

A welcome back to Dagenham Dave around the hills of Billericay & Brentwood.


Saturday morning: 7am – this bright morning saw the return from injury of Dagenham Dave Hatch after 8 weeks out following a horror crash. With Keiran, James B, Lee and myself to accompany him Dave was somewhat apprehensive at how things would go given his lay off but there would be no need to worry at all.

The team set off from what Lee likes to call Hillericay up an immediate hill with cold legs, low heart rates and an incline of 11% - lets just say the first two were not an issue by the time we reached the top!

With blood pressure through the roof and breathing heavier than a steam engine we made our way through the town out towards Brentwood via Kelvedon Hatch, Blackmore, Pilgrim’s Hatch and a few other delightful places in Essex.

With Dave initially struggling to hold our wheels we formed a peloton and each took our turn at the front. This lead to much improved performance all round and soon we were steadily cruising at 18mph. The momentum stood us in good stead for some inclines and we attacked those at good speed too, using James B as a slingshot and powering up after he’d done all the hard work going in to it (thanks James).

Having negotiated potholes and an angry lady in the passenger seat of a car who felt we didn’t know the rules of the road (the irony of the amount of road experience on two wheels and four between us was lost on her) we were mototing along well on the approach to Brentwood until a deep pothole resulted in a puncture to my rear tyre.

Repairs done and water drunk we carried on back through Hutton where James’s bike decided to make som odd noises but thankfully these sorted themselves out fairly quickly. Heading back to Hillericay we circumnavigated Waitrose where a couple of pedestrians remarked at Keiran’s bottom. He was over the moon until he realised it was because our website www.llrteamessex.com was what they were actually focussing on.

James then took us on a slight detour down a steep hill and arriving back at Burns mansion we were exstatic when James cried “keep going” as we rolled straight past and turned to take on Outward Common Hill and another steep gradient. Hill climbed, we turned and headed back for much needed bacon sarnies and Yorkshire Gold.

Later on, Lee Bedingfield was to be interviewed live on Brentwood’s PhoenixFM and the interview can be heard here http://www.phoenixfm.com/2014/05/18/llr-team-essex/

It was then off to Chelmsford in the evening for a team meeting, a curry and some planning for next summer, but more on that another time ;-)

As always, thanks for reading and if you ever want to join us on a ride, just let us know.



Hi Daren,

Thanks for the update. Sounds like the training's going really well despite the best efforts of potholes and dodgy drivers efforts to scupper your rides! 

Just listened to the interview on Phonenix FM - great work! Will really help spread awareness about your challenge and the charity. Keep up the good work!


Hi Andy, thanks for reading our blogs and for the encouragement. We're all feeling very inspired and team curries usually mean one thing: we all agree to something that sounds tough and then we make it tougher! 

Prime example being a steady 25 miles planned for me yesterday morning which turned into 72 miles and invoking rule #7 on the tanlines :-)


Haha! I know what you mean about the danger of curry houses - my Dad and one of his friend's once decided to go into business together selling classic car engines with my encouragement. Safe to say it didn't work out all that well though their friendship is intact.

Keep up the good work on the training and fundraising front guys - top effort! 

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