Brian and Izzy
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The Ride

Brian and Izzy
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31 Aug 2014

Well we did it.  Looking a bit tricky at the beginning of the week – consultant appointment about my knee/leg/ankle and Isabel facing a barium meal to try and find why she has felt nauseous 24*7 since February.

This morning 90% sure we could do 26 miles but only 50% sure that we could do the 52 miles.

But we did, despite my attempts at suggesting “shortcuts” the team (Isabel and her cousins Matt and Vikki) dismissed these completely.

This year’s route and organisation was fantastic.  Lovely ride out and around Isle of Dogs then back and across London to Ham Common via Richmond Park.  After lunch back on the bike.  Confession time!  Managed 2/3 of the Star and Garter Hill before needing to walk for 15 yards then back on the bike to finish the hill.

Not the world’s fastest time – 4:50 riding and 6.5 total (includes not only the water/lunch breaks but the waiting at lights).  But still around 11mph.  My MapMyRide crashed and Matt had some problems with his so you need to look at these 2 - (1) from the start to mile 46.5 Parsons Green when it stopped (2) and then Parsons Green and the 7.8 miles to the finish  - um that equals 54.3 miles!All pretty much together all of the time so fair representation.

Great route, great organisation and fantastic day!

Some pics @ (more in the next few days) here PS Warning includes “Neon Veins” on my left leg!

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