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Laura Pickering

Ride Along: meet the London | Paris 2016 physios

Laura Pickering
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Laura Pickering
15 Feb 2016


My name's Sarah Bridgewater and I'm really excited to be joining you all on this year's London | Paris cycle. I came along to the event last year - so a few of you might remember me! - and I'm looking forward to joining you on this epic journey again in 2016. 

I wanted to introduce you to our team of top physios and sports therapists who’ll be joining me - and you! - on the ride this year.

I’ve asked each of the for their top tip to help you in your training – and in your rider pack, coming in the summer, I'll be including more information on how you can prepare for the ride, how you can perform your best and some of the stretches you can do to help you reach your peak performance! 

My top tip would be to get to know your weaknesses and know what fits the need of your body, nutritionally and physically. Don't try out new products at the start line: make sure you have included them as part of your training, otherwise you can create unnecessary problems. 

Here's the rest of the team you'll be riding alongside at London | Paris 2016. 

Ruth Haskew

Ruth qualified with a Diploma in Sports Therapy and Massage in 2012, and combines her growing knowledge in musculoskeletal medicine with excellent hands on massage skills.

"Make sure you stretch your neck and back, as well as your legs."



Paul Johnson 

Paul's excited to join the London | Paris team for 2016. 

"My tip is to avoid propping the bar up every evening on the ride in September - it'll only make a tough ride harder!"



Seb Murtagh

Seb is a trainee osteopath and freelance physiotherapist. 

"My top tip is to visit the mechanics ASAP to check your bike setup – this will help to pre-empt any avoidable aches and pains."




Sophie Parrick

Sophie's worked in the health and fitness industry since 2001. Her passion has always been working on soft tissue therapy and understanding how the biomechanics of the human body work.

"Remember to push down through a flat foot using the heel, then allow the toe to dip before pulling back up through and round again. It allows better range of motion at the ankle and allows the muscle to work better for longer – and it’ll help to avoid cramping." 


Naomi Loveless

Naomi currently works for the FA Women's League in Oxford.

"Make sure you keep hydrated throughout your training sessions and your ride!"



Damien Dufourd

Damien is really looking forward to joining all of the riders in September. 

"My tip for the ride: don't forget to stretch your hip flexors!"



Mariana Bakewell 

Mariana is an experienced and professional mobile massage practitioner based in London, who specialises in sports massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage and reflexology.

"Remember to warm up before cycling by using dynamic stretches that take your joints through their full range of movement. Static stretches should be left until your muscles have warmed up properly."


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