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Ride for Research 2013

Michaela J
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08 Jul 2013

On the 5th July the Ride for Research team Paul McAdam and Danny McAdam, Darren Beddard Jones, Alex Kellman, Martin Parry and Geraint Pearson cycled nonstop in relay teams covering over 300 miles from Stonehenge to Prestatyn finishing their epic journey by taking part in the North Wales Coast Bikeathon on the 6th July to help raise money to beat blood cancers.

They were welcomed back by the Mayor of Flint Michael Moore and a 300 strong crowd attending the North Wales Bikethon. Together they have raised in excess for £4,000 with donations still coming in and they are already talking about what to do next year so watch this space.........

Below is a quick overview the Ride for Research Challenge !

4th July: The full team Alex, Paul, Chris, Danny, Geraint, Darren and Martin as they get ready to head to Stonehenge.

4th July: The Team takes it easy after travelling to Stonehenge.

5th July: The team get ready to start.

(You can take the boys out of Wales, but you can't take Wales out of the boys!)

5th July: Pedal power to raise money to beat blood cancer !

5th July: The Team still going strong as they arrive at Telford

6th July: As the team are welcomed home to take part in the North Wales Bikeathon.

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