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For the riders

Thomas Preston
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Thomas Preston
22 Jul 2011

As the start date of the challenge draws closer why not boost your fundraising with a few of the below suggestions to get your colleagues, customers, friends and family involved in supporting this epic challenge! You can also find the trip itinerary, packing list, sponsorship form and poster to download at the bottom of the page.

Fundraising ideas

  • Static cycle challenge – set up a static bicycle in store and get sponsored/collect donations to cover a certain distance
  • Bike to work week – donate the money you save to LLR or pay a fine for driving
  • Organise a re’cycle’ sale – ask colleagues to donate their unwanted books, dvds and gifts and sell them in your store
  • Set up a wheel of fortune – use an old bicycle wheel to spin and customers can win prizes dependant on where the arrow ends
  • Guess the weight of the bike – ask customers to guess how much your bike weighs
  • Pimp my bike – Customers can pay to add glitter, tassles, spoke decorations to your bike for a donation
  • Wheelbarrow race – hold races in your car park and charge people to enter with a prize for the winners
  • Time Trial – set up a course for teams to complete in a relay around the car park with a prize for the fastest
  • Sponsored weight loss – with so much training you can get people to pay to guess how much weight you will lose before you go
  • Ask suppliers to sponsor a logo on your helmet or shirt 
  • Fancy dress – tell your sponsors that if you raise X amount you will wear a pink tutu, crazy boxer shorts, sequined top, kilt etc

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