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The road to my first triathlon

Luke Ponsonby
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07 Jan 2015

My story is a bit of a strange one, I was diagnosed, treated and had my transplant in Italy because I was completing my flying training when everything kicked off. My Mum and Dad live in Italy and so having them near by was great but being away from friends was a difficult one. I did see some friends who flew out for a weekend visit and that must have made an impression on them....

During my treatment I always had goals. One was to return to the air, flying helicopters (this was long and drawn out challenge but eventually it happened and it is the best feeling in the world doing something one loves!!) and two, to run the next London marathon as my father had signed up to do it to raise money for leukaemia. This was never going to happen but in my mind I was going to try my hardest to get there. After my treatment finished and I recovered from my transplant, I was allowed to return back to England. I soon got a phone call from my friend asking if I would be intersted in cycling from London to Varese in Italy. The guys had come back from Italy and having seen me wanted to do something and so cycling to Italy was the obvious choice of challenge....we completed the bike ride in April last year, I want to try and keep creating new goals and this one was one. I have set myself another race in my first triathlon, the Blenheim palace tri 2015.

So now I will try and keep this blog about my training and life. Keep tuned :)




Great blog Luke!

I think it's fantastic that you continue to set yourself goals to strive for and can completely relate to your desire to do this as this is exactly what I did when I started out on my second stab at life after my own battle with leukaemia.

I've yet to do a triathlon but would like to do one one day so will read your blog with interest and remember reading before about your London to Varese journey which was incredible in its own right but even more special given just how soon it came after your treatment.

You're a real inspiration mate and we're very lucky to have you as a supporter. Looking forward to your next blog - do feel free to post the link to this one in the Triathletes group.



P.S. Stories like yours are really inspirational to others currenlty going through blood cancer. With that in mind would you be happy to write a blog about your treatment and what you've been able to achieve since so far?