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Road to recovery......Alicia's story

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20 Mar 2014

Stay strong and focused on the good!

So I decided that I would have something good to focus on whilst having my chemotherapy and fundraising was the way.
I asked for people to donate to my page and sponsor me when I let the little princess trust have my hair, 2 charities would then benefit.
The little princess trust provides real hair wigs for children who lose their hair to cancer or alopecia, I decided that as mine was going to be lost then someone else could make use of it.
It was hard especially for my mum and dad, I found the strength and on the day made my family really proud.
I had a few problems whilst on chemotherapy that led to hospital stays and made me very ill with seizures. This was later confirmed that it had caused a blood clot in my brain. I had to then add daily blood thinner injections to my ever growing list of meds.
I missed school and my friends, but my close friends kept in contact and helped me raise funds for leukaemia and lymphoma research some more by selling wristbands and badges around the school.

I missed lessons for 3 months, but still sat my GCSE exams early, I had 8 hours of chemotherapy and an exam the next day, I was exausted mentally and physically but did the exam and came home, to our surprise I got an A!

I sat 2 others as well and did pretty well in those too.

In may whilst on my final chemotherapy myself and my family took part in the race for life , I wanted to walk as much as possible but had to have rests in the wheelchair some of the way, but I did it and was very proud

22nd of may and my chemotherapy was over, a day to celebrate! I'd won!!

The start of summer would be time for me to get stronger and focus on going back to school full time and on my final year there and exams.

Plus we had more fundraising to do :-)

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