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Roll of Honour (Le roll d'honeur)

Graham James
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08 Jul 2015

Dave Rainsford
Mick James
Keith Dixon
Nicola Ridler
Craig Waring
Donna and Paul Kelly
Jo Clogan
Phil, Julie and Ethan James
Jayne Powell
John Marsh
Chris James
Sharon Fountain
Richard Barfield
Sukhi Byrne
Emma and Anthony James
Sharda Ramdewor
Pam Elliott
Simone Hillan
Elaine Silvester
Nicola and Andy Carnall with Pat Hawker, Grace, Hannah and Amy
Raione and Steve
Jean and Ray Hopkinson
Emma and Steve with Freddie and Maisie
Jayne Powell (again)
Liz Crutchley
Rachel and Steve Hankin with Charlotte, Louisa and Isobel
Clare and Rob Adkins
Mick James (again)
Michael and Melinda Balenski
Dave French
Maureen and Mike Reidy

The support from every one of you has been fantastic and don't forget all of your donations goes straight to cancer research, meaning you've actually been busy relieving suffering and saving lives - not bad I reckon. It proves you can sometimes back a loser and win.

You can feel very proud of yourselves.
Thank you all so much.

All the best,

(The photo is yours truly, totally shagged out after over 9 hours hard slog but never happier. I'm with 3 of my sponsors - Ethan, Chris and Emma.)

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