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Roll up for the magical mystery tour (step right this way)

Daren W
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02 Jun 2014

With Trevor's London to Paris only 2 weeks away, some of the team headed out this Sunday for a 50 miler to destination unknown.

With the promise of Yorkshire Tea and bacon sarnies before the off, Trevor, James B and Lee joined me chez moi bright and early on a warm Sunday morning for a decent ride out.

We were all staggered to see Trevor arrive by car with his beloved Canyon sitting proudly on the roof of his motor (we fully expected him to have ridden to my house via Newcastle on the way) but over breakfast he unveiled some new additions to his cycling menagerie: a very smart L2P kit including jacket and a brand new Garmin 800 which he had loaded with a 50 mile Magical Mystery Tour. Having seen a few videos on t’internet recently from our friends up north, we tried to convinve Trevor that it was not a jacket but actually a grey cardigan and that he needed the clogs to match if he were to be considered a true cyclist. If you haven’t the foggiest what I’m on about, check out this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xidmgvk5iOI

Tea drunk and Garmin employed we headed off in the sunshine to who knew where. It wasn’t long before we soon realised that our first port of call would be the Mighty North Hill, a favourite of our Trevor and a pig to the rest of us. Nonetheless, with the LondonBikeathon looming, hills are not to be avoided and we all went for it as the sun shone down. Trevor was first to the summit in a good time whilst the rest of us tried different tactics as relative newcomers to the hill. Each of us tried something different from last time and the lessons we are learning each time are paying dividends with lots of PRs to be proud of.

A quick water stop at the top was all we could manage as the sun burnt down and we headed for the cover of the tree-lined avenues of Danbury and the Woodhams.

Onwards we roamed, following Trevor (and making great use of drafting skills) to build up a decent pace. A quick stop for more water and a quick snack at a service station was much needed in the heat and then back on the bikes to somewhere. Yep, Trevor was relishing in the joy of not telling us where we were going.

We headed up towards Felsted and the Walthams before doubling back and discovering a few new roads thanks to Trevor’s new gizmo. Heading back into Terling we encountered a vast array of different gravel that kept us concentrating hard, so much so that Trevor missed a turn and his trusty technology began screaming at him like a banshee. A quick detour and back on track (track being very literal) we negotiated some quiet, less tarmaccy routes before heading into a very muddy ford. Really and truly, this should not be classed as a road section but Strava says otherwise and Trevor was keen to show his mettle. Mud, water and horse dung circumnavigated, Trevor sped off into the distance ina  bid for a coveted KOM while the rest of us tried to rubber side down. For me in particular, this was a priority having already had a brief lay down on a verge earlier on thanks to some lunatic manoevres from a group of lost drivers. “Tuck in and take the hit” but it was actually quite a pleasant landing.

50 miles done and lots to do later in the day, we headed back for a well-earned beer in the garden. A very enjoyable and eventful ride so big thanks to Trevor.

Next up for the team: Dave and James B will be doing an organised ride on 15th and the rest of us will be cycling another 50 before wishing Trevor the best of luck on his London to Paris adventure in the faster group.

You can still sponsor Trevor by texting TJAC99 £2 to 70070.

Thanks for reading.

Daren (and the rest of LLR Team Essex)

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