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Run, Andy, run!

Andy J
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12 Sep 2014

Tomorrow I'll be putting my running shoes back on to pound the streets of Wembley with 15,000 others at Run to the Beat. 18 months ago I'd have been able to run 10k without giving it a second thought but such has been the deterioration of my lungs since my diagnosis with a rare form of pulmonary fibrosis that this will undoubtedly be one of my toughest 30 before 30 challenges.

I've set myself the target of getting round in under an hour which is going to be really tough as I've not done as much training as I would have liked and I can't remember the last time that I ran as far as 10k. The furthest I've been on a training run is 6k and while I've been bang on pace for the 6k I've been knackered afterwards.

I've found adjusting to not being able to run like I used to really tough and, if I'm honest, I've dodged running quite a lot as I've found it really hard and it reminds me that my lungs aren't getting any better. However, I will not be beaten by this and to give myself some added motivation I will personally make a £10 donation for every minute I finish under an hour and £20 for every minute I finish over an hour.

I'll also have my fiance, Lauren, there running alongside me as well as my good friend Ben Zacharias and the other members of the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research running team. With all of them beside me and my family there to cheer me on, I know I'll get round and if I do somehow manage to get round in under an hour I will rank it as one of my finest achievements.

All donations greatly received. You can sponsor me here: 



You seemed to be going strong at the 4k point, and I know you finished, so well done!

Ellie Dawes

Amazing work Andy! Great to see you were still smiling at the end and fantastic to see all your lovely family and friends there to support you too. Hope you're having a decent rest! I managed to miss you on the course but Alison got this snap of you running :)