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Run to the Beat 2013 and an 'Unstoppable' fundraiser...

Gregory S
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Gregory S
05 Sep 2013

This weekend will see approximately 20,000 people descend on Greenwich Park for Run to the Beat 2013. Of that 20,000, 1500 will be supporting Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as part of our team, the Unstoppables. Once again we’re gold charity for the event.

With big events like Run to the Beat come a handful of incredible fundraising stories and a couple of months ago I came across Farid Sioufi’s fundraising page. Back then, his fundraising stood at just over £25,000. To this date he’s raised an astonishing £29,831.70 (at this point I must stress that any amount of money from fundraisers is hugely appreciated, be it £50, £200, or £29,831.70). 

Naturally, I was keen to learn more about Farid and his story, so I got in touch and he responded with a wealth of info about his experiences with blood cancer over the last couple of years and how he’s feeling about taking part in Run to the Beat.

Farid on his battle with blood cancer:

“In November 2011, I was diagnosed with a rare type of lymphoma: anaplastic large cell lymphoma. I undertook several cycles of aggressive chemotherapy sessions followed by a stem cell transplant. After several months of treatment, I was declared in remission and have been cancer free for just over a year now. At the age of 25, I am now keener than ever to take advantage of life and I owe my recovery to the progress in medicine. I want to help others overcome blood cancer and increase the survival rate."

Farid on his Run to the Beat challenge:

“Just over a year ago I was back and forth from the hospital for chemotherapy. I spent an entire month in there, and my only daily activity was walking around the transplant centre. I dreamt day and night of being able to run again, to be as strong and as fit as I was before. The biggest challenge for me is to prove to myself and to those who support me that I can complete the run just one year from my treatment, and to give hope to those who are fighting blood cancer that they too can run a half marathon or marathon.”

Farid on his fundraising:

“I am still overwhelmed with the support I’ve had. My best advice for those looking to raise funds is to open up, tell people what it feels like, share with them your fears so that they can understand what you were going through and they can see how their contribution can help in saving others’ lives."

Farid on Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research:

"For over 50 years, LLR has been working to advance the treatment of blood cancers, and without the work of such organisations - I would probably not be running this weekend."

To help Farid reach the milestone of £30,000 for Run to the Beat, you can donate on his page here.

Check our Storify page for updates from more of our amazing Unstoppable runners.

For further information on Run to the Beat 2013, visit their homepage.