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Running in Turkey

Charlotte A
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14 Jul 2014

I am now back from my beautiful holiday in Turkey however when I was out there I did decide to try out a run. I dragged myself out of bed at 7AM to ensure that I wouldnt be running in unbearable heat. Setting off running up the hills of Kalkan proved a lot more difficult than I had first imagined. I ended up switching between running, jogging and power walking so that I didnt injure myself on the rocky ground.

After almost being attacked by a stray dog (didnt see that one coming either!) I managed to make it 5K up the hill at which point I decided to turn back. The descent was much easier and I managed to jog almost the entire way back completing a total of just over 10K.

Although it took me longer than I will be completing the race in September I was proud of my effort to run in the temperature and on the incline of Kalkan's hills... although the views were definitely worth it!! :)



Opting to go for a run on holiday is dedication, opting to go for a run uphill, in the heat with stray dogs on the prowl is ultimate dedication - go Charlotte!

Great to hear you've already completed 10k and in difficult conditions - bodes very well for Run to the Beat and your target time which I reckon you will smash. Hope the fundraising is also going well and that you had a great holiday?

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