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Saturday morning in the rain

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02 Aug 2014

My first 'Intermediate Distance' training ride

In discussion with Neil last week about the state of my training for the ride (Neil will be doing the Bikeathon too, but as he regularly rides 80+ miles for 'fun' he is not too worried about taking on the 52 mile route with the rest of us 'newbies') and he agreed that yes, I did need to get out abd do some longer rides, and soon!

So far, the furthest I have ridden the road bike on one single session is about 12 miles, and even then I tend to ride a bit too fast and end up running out of "cardio" fitness well before pushing the leg muscles to exhausion. Neil suggested going out early Saturday morning (He is riding 80 miles on Monday, so wanted Sunday as a rest day!) and that we  could be a 30 to 40 mile loop around the country roads near him.

I was concerned that it may be a bit too much to take on, but agreed anyway when he pointed out that if I was struggling we could a) stop off for a coffee on route after about 25 miles and b) cut back sooner and finish at nearer 30 than 40 miles.

All agreed and planned, what happend weather wise?  After a glorious week, the heavens opened and it was a very wet world we woke up to on Saturday!  A quick exchange of txt messages came to the following decisions 1) We were still going (No Fair Weather Cyclists her mate!) and 2) it may well be safer to ride the mountain bikes on the road with the nice big soft treaded tyres than the super hard narrow slicks on the road bike.

So it was that at 07:50 we hit the road, and by 08:00 we were soaked through!  However, the temperature was good - about 15c - so it was actually a pretty comfortable ride, and after 2 and a half hours riding at an average of just over 12mph, we had covered 31 miles.

Link to the Strava page withe the details of the ride:

No spectacular times were set, but that was not the purpose of the ride, it was for fun (inspite of the rain), ridden at a steady pace... plus the conditions were terrible!  However I did get 30+ miles out of my legs - which are not currently thanking me for that and it raised my confidence level for taking on the 52 miles.

And it was done on Mountain Bike tyres (a "Nobby Nic" on the front and a "Racing Ralph" on the back fo those interested in such things), so I can only assume that the same pace on road tyres would be significantly easier!

To finish off, another positive - that was almost 900 calories burned this morning, so a have almost 2000 calories available to cover a trip to an italian resturant tonight - Hmmmm I can almost taste the Peroni, Dough Balls, Pasta and Tiramisu already :-)

Dont forget though, the point of this ride is to raise money to fund the fight to beat childhood leukaemia, if you can sponsor me, I would be very gratfull - any amout will do - see my fundraising page for details

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