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Second chemo and PET scan

Gordon W
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06 Aug 2015

Next few days of my experience

...So there was I back at my home base treatment hospital having my second cycle of R_CHOP. It was completely uneventful. A week later though my hair started to come out in clumps! I was actually not too bothered about that so life goes on - just a bit patchy on the old snowy peak! I had a PET Scan slated for a fortnight after the treatment but in the interim I had a neutropenic episode. For the uninitiated I shall explain. Part of the bone marrow produces white cancer fighting cells called neutrophils and these are suppressed in chemotherapy so that it can fight the disease.  The consequence of this is that you become very open to infection and any rise in temperature above 37.5 degrees you are required to call in and and be admitted to have intravenous antibiotics in huge quantities. It is a complete pain in the arse when you are classified as “independent” because you are not! You are attached to your crib by at least 2 lines going into you, 1 for IVAB and the other to maintain your fluid balance so you cannot wash easily or go to the toilet and in case they want to measure everything!!! Within 5 days though and I escaped and was able to make my appointment.

A PET Scan involves you being irradiated and told not to go near pregnant women or young children for the rest of the day. You have to wait for an hour so that the stuff can flow through the body to the required are then into the scanner for about half an hour with arms held uncomfortably above your head! All this was uneventful and in a weeks time at my next review and be told about my progress so that is to come.



Gordon thanks for another brilliantly insightful blog.

Reading it took me back to my own time in hospital undergoing my transplant for CML. The neutropenic phase was a bit of a nerve tangler but I managed to get through without an infection. I'm so glad that the antibiotics did the job in your case and that you were able to 'escape!'

I hope everything's going well and wish you all the best going forwards. We're here to help in any way that we can.


  Thank you for this - there is still a way to go but I am trying to keep a PMA as they say! 


Hi Gordon, a family member of mine has just been diagnosed with Lymphoma so it was interesting to read your blogs to get an insight as to what is to come. We don't know how far into the disease she is but hoping with treatment she will be OK.
It's funny how you are oblivious to things until it happens to you or people around you.

Your sense of humour and positivity will get you through!
Wishing you all the best and please keep us updated!

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