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A second Triathlon completed

Bill F
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30 Jun 2014

So my second Triathlon took me to Bourton on the Water.

A hot day, so the 7am start was good.

The pre race briefing mentioned the bike ride having a good incline followed by a downhill ride to Transition.

So after a poor swim where everyone in my lane passed me at least once, I got on my bike and started off quite well.  I then started up a good incline.  I thought 'yep, this is it'.  The legs wre burning, I was breathing hard, but I thought it would be over soon.

How wrong could I be!

At the 'top' of the incline it levelled out for 20 metres.  It then started to go up again.

This happened quite a few times.

More pain, lots of swearing.

Then after what felt like a long time, I started on the real incline.  Boy, was that painful.  It is the first time I have cycled in my lowest gear.  It is the first time I thought I would come to a standstill, not being able to power up the hill.

As they say, all good things must come to an end, and it is also true that all bad things also come to an end.

Finally, I came to the downhill bit.

Thankfully I came to Transition 2, changed into my running shoes and started off on my run.

Now I do not know if it was the tiredness in my legs, but after 100 yards I tripped up and went crashing to the ground.  Thankfully I was running on grass so it was not too painful.  Still, I got up and completed the run.

Overall, I did a good time despite everything said.

Dave, my fellow Triathlete, also had a good race, so we enjoyed breakfast together (bought from a very good burger van at the finish line!)

And the best thing is, Bourton on the Water is a lovely place.  Additionally, the people there are really kind.  I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a similar race.

On the fundraising front, I am still getting people sponsoring me.  Friends, family and colleagues continue to dig deep for such a great cause.  So a big thank you.

Next Triathlon in a couple of weeks time, so no rest then.

And I am hoping that the venue and course occupy a flat piece of land in England

Happy days.



Hugely impressed, as ever, Bill by your fundraising efforts. Good luck in a couple of weeks and keep up the good work! 


I meant to add that I've been to Bourton on the water too - gorgeous place!

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