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September: Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Kate A Keightley
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28 Jul 2000

Find out about ways you can get involved in Blood Cancer Awareness Month this September...

September is here again and there are lots of ways you can get involved in raising awareness of blood cancer and highlighting the information and support available for patients, and nurses.  


4th September is the launch of the Janssen's 'Making Blood Cancer Visible' campaign.  To raise awareness of the 104 people diagnosed with blood cancer every day, Paternoster Square is set to illuminate the names of 104 different blood cancer patients, built to the exact height of each person, lit up in red with stories and educational touchpoints throughout the display.  Featuring the names of individuals livuing with blood cancer makes the issues faced real and visible in a very emotive, yet tangible way.  We will be at the display on the 4th and we welcome all of you to come along and see it for yourselves - it will be open for the whole month of September though so there is plenty of time to see this in your own time.  

13th September is our 'Childhood blood cancers: The quest for a cure' event at the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road.  The evening includes a discussion on the future of blood cancer research and care for those effected by it.  We have invited all of our paediatric and TYA nurses along to the event, but if you are keen to attend, just let me know on kkeightley@bloodwise.org.uk.


We have lots of materials available for your to set up an awareness stall in your hospital, be it the main reception, or a specific cancer unit.  We have leaflets, posters, balloons, pens, pencils for you to set up a fantastic stall to really raise awareness of both blood cancer and the information and services Bloodwise can provide for anyone affected by blood cancer.  If you would like anything sent out, then do just let me know on kkeightley@bloodwise.org.uk

You may have heard about our Tea with the Girls campaign. The idea is simple, bake some cakes and raise vital funds for life-saving blood cancer research and patient support.  Whilst we encouraged people to invite thier friends and family, why not set up a Tea with the Girls in your hospital, and turn it into an opportunity to talk about blood cancer and the information and services available to support one another.  Our Bloodwise Ambassadors are keen to support nurses with this campaign, so if you would like any help we can ask an Ambassador in your area to support you to set this up. 


We want to raise as much awareness of blood cancer and the issues which surround the it as possible.  We therefore ask you to order one of our blood cancer boards and take as many photos of you raising awareness in your hospital or local community - then use social media to tweet your photos and spread your message.  


We'll be having lots of conversations on Facebook raising awareness of blood cancer through telling personal stories from patients and carers, delivering Facebook Live interviews with nurses, researchers and patients, hosting local and national events, highlighting important infographics about blood cancer, and importantly talking about what we are doing to beat it.  Join our Facebook group, or better still add your comments and thoughts to anything we post.  If you want to get more involved with this, just drop me an email on kkeightley@bloodwise.org.uk


If you have any other plans, thoughts, ideas of ways to raise awareness of blood cancer this September, then let me know or post them on our Nurses Facebook Group any time. We'd love to hear from you!