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September Research Roundup

Eleanor Baggley
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Eleanor Baggley
01 Sep 2014

Research Roundup is here to highlight the various research projects that are being worked on in hospitals and labs across the UK, and the benefits this is bringing to patients.  We have some examples below of research we’re funding and ways we’re working to increase public awareness and access to clinical trials.

However we want to hear from you - if you would like to highlight a particular research project you’re working on, or discuss how new research is impacting your nursing care, do let us know and we’d love to feature this in future newsletters.

Precision medicine for CML

Scientists funded by Bloodwise at the University of Glasgow have succeeded in using precision medicine to kill more than 90% of chronic myeloid leukaemia stem cells in laboratory tests. TKIs, the current treatment for CML, do not kill the stem cells that cause the disease but instead hold its advancement at bay. This new drug has the potential to lead us to a cure by killing the stem cells. The drug works by inhibiting the activity of a protein called EZH2, which has been studied in other types of cancer cells but not in CML. The team hope to take this EZH2 inhibitor, which is in pill form, into clinical trials. Congratulations to the team at Glasgow!

Find out more about this breakthrough on our website here.

TAP trial focuses on ibrutinib

A trial run as part of Bloodwise's trials Acceleration Programme has finished recruiting 40 patients at 8 UK hospitals in the TAP network. The trial is informing doctors of ways to enhance the effectiveness of ibrutinib in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Little is known yet about how the drug interacts with the tissues surrounding cancer cells and researchers believe that understanding this and knowing which drugs to use in combination with the treatment, will enhance its effectiveness.

Find out more about the trial and one patient's experience of it in our blog.

Latest findings from Bloodwise researchers

A number of Bloodwise researchers have recently published their findings in journals such as Cell, Leukemia, and Cancer Causes Control. From infant ALL to MGUS and myeloma, it's amazing to see so many positive breakthroughs thanks to our researchers and those who support us in funding research teams.

Find out more about all these findings in our blog.


Is this update interesting? We want to make sure that the information we’re sharing with you is as relevant and as useful as possible, so do let us know if you have any comments or if there’s anything else you’d rather see in our Reseach Roundup. Email support@bloodwise.org.uk with any comments.

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