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The Shock...

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11 Jun 2015

We managed to enjoy a brilliant New We had a fab New Year and vowed just to get on with life and enjoy it no matter what. 

I decided I wanted to do something to raise money for other people who were in our situation and hopefully raise awerness - so I entered the Great North Run - to run on Sept 17th!! 9 months to train = no problem - I could run 3 miles easily - ha ha

There is a big rally at Croft in January - which St.John had entered with his car and best mate - Ali.

On the Friday night I went out with my friends and had a few too many - the night before the rally we all went out to the Chinese, and again ate and drank a bit, (well not the rally drivers!!)
Sunday came and being the dutiful wife I went down to watch  - now I have been forced to watch any form of motor sport for the last 18 years – yet I still don’t love it – I’m getting there – but watching St.John rally makes me nervous – he has in the past broken his arm and his back – so I am allowed to be!!
During the day, the two nights have of alcohol had started to catch up on me so I went home feeling ill – leaving St.John and Ali to fly around the circuit at break neck speed.
We were due at the Doctors the next day to discuss “The Letter” and what our options were – I knew they would ask if I was pregnant so I thought best rule it out -  I was late and felt ill – but put it down with stress catching up on me. I nervously bought the tests and went home.... and waited. I was physically shaking when I saw the results – this wasn’t possible – we can’t have children – shit!!!
I decided to do a few more tests and wait for St.John to come home. He came back from the rally full of joy – He had won a trophy (brilliant – I have to find a place for these in my house!!!) then I told him I had something for him – made him close his eyes and handed in the results. St.John not a man who is short of words went silent …shock and joy.
Turns out our trip to the doctors the next day would take on a different direction.

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