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Signed Manchester United Football up for auction

Claire Horrex
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09 Jun 2014

The organisers of the North Wales Coast Bikeathon have a football signed by Manchester United players Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata that they are auctioning to raise funds.

Leukaemia patient Johnnie Hood recently donated a signed football to Loz Harrison, organiser of the North Wales Coast Bikeathon who is a personal friend of Loz and supporter of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

The football, which is signed by Wayne Rooney & Juan Mata was donated to help raise funds for the BIkeathon.

If you would like to make a bid in the auction then please contact Loz Harrison by email - with your details and your bid.

The current bid for the ball is £500 and rising and you've got until the evening of the BIkeathon - July 4th to get your bid in.

Good Luck!



What a great idea! I'm not a United fan but am sure that the ball will go for a lot of money - I'd like Rooney and Mata at Arsenal!

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