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A Slow But Satisfying Sunday Ride

Gareth H
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25 May 2014

London Loop

Route: Surbiton To Windsor
Distance: 42.8 miles
Time: 2:50
Avg Speed: 14.3mph
Max Speed: 29.7mph
Weather: Glorious Sunshine
Notable Hills: Earlsfied to Clapham Junctions
Bike: Ribble
Ride Drinks: Water and Lucozade (after 35 miles)
Stops: Hampton Hill to buy Lucozade
Pre Ride Food:  Wholemeal Toast, Scrambled Egg, Cup Of Chino
Post Ride Food: Roast Lamb
“Recovery” Drink:Addlestones Cider, 2 Biera Morretti's


Todays ride was slower than other rides as heading into London there are a lot more lights,  and other things to stop for, plus the roads are that busier so not all lights are jumpable. However it was a loveley scenic ride if a little slow I went past the musuems in South Ken on the newly paved Exhibition Road pretending I was on a nice bit of Belgian Parve, Hyde Park was lovely in the sun. The loop of Regents Park was fast and fun. Then I went on my favourite cycle path, the one accross Hyde Park Corner, I just love the fact that I can ride under the Wellington Arch shown in the picture. Constitution Hill was closed but I snuck past the barriers and wizzed down it till I had to stop as a 10k Running race was on and Birdcage Walk was closed. I dodged the tourists outside Buck House and headed towards Millbank where I picked up the Embankment and headed out of Central London. I was running low by Hampton Hill (35 miles) so bought some Lucozade which kicked in and helped me speed through Kingston for a well earned Sunday Lunch round my parents.

However the best bit of the ride was starting to spin up hills and keeping the cadence high, it worked a treat up Earlsfield Hill which I ususally try and power up and helped when I hit a headwind on Chelsea Embankment. The plus was moving my saddle foward a few mil, allthough the saddle nose is now  too high giving me numb nuts, my back wasn't sore, so I'll drop my saddle nose and have a happy back and nads. The regular stops in traffic also helps keep my back happy



Good work Gareth! Sounds like the training is going really well  - I'd be chuffed to have 42 miles under my belt already and it's certainly better than going out too hard and tiring yourself out.

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