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Aileen Lamb

Slow.... Slow it right down.

Aileen Lamb
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Aileen Lamb
13 Nov 2015

Everyone that knows me knows I detest lateness and people being slow for no good reason. I’ve got a serious challenges with folks who spend a lot of time “procrastinating”… drives me up the wall.

Spending so much time as an in and out patient with the NHS I’ve picked up some areas where there is a real waste of staff time – particularly the nurses time. 

A prime example is the  admittance procedure where a staff nurse must take a full written patient history EVERY time you are admitted. The same form is filled in numerous times, when a simple reprint of the original checked for any updates would be three times as quick, and 100times less annoying for the patient and the staff.

Also discharges. It’s agreed between the medical team and the patient at minimum 24 Hours before discharge happens. So why do the medical team wait till discharge day to order the patients medications to take home and prepare their discharge papers. Patients are left having completed treatment but “waiting” in limbo land till the pharmacist or some other layer in the system has time to do their bit of the discharge process. 

New folk are waiting on beds, needing to be admitted, and people who could be away home are simply sitting, clogging up the system because a simple plan wasn’t swung into place 24 hours sooner.

Today is another case in point. I was told to report for blood tests at 10am. The blood was drawn at 10.20. It took till 1pm to be informed that I was then to have a four hour treatment…….that’s a day of my life I won’t get back!

In many ways I don’t want to advocate making the NHS more like a business, however when it comes to processes and freeing up the time of the professionals to do nursing and medical care there is a great deal that our health service could learn from running a company.




I share your frustrations with this completely. Waiting to be discharged and waiting for appointments used to drive me completely mad and still do. I find booking appointments and picking up prescriptions from pharmacy are also really, really frustrating.

Finding things to kill the tiem are the key and you might find this blog I put together from tips and advice other patients gave us on Facebook on how to take your mind off treatment helpful:

At the same time I completely understand your frustrations and more needs to be done to improve the whole experience for patients.

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