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Small Change... BIG Impact

Yvonne Dickson
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23 Sep 2013

We have all been amazed at the generosity of the people who supported our Small Change BIG Impact campaign.

The Regional Fundraising team would like to thank our volunteers, researchers and colleagues for giving up their time to help at can collections and supermarket bag packing across the U.K and thank you to all the bakeries and cafes who got involved by designing and selling a special cupcake.

We would also like to thank the general public for being so generous, not only with their donations but also with their kind words.

Here is a little bit of what took place at the weekend:

In the South West patients who are currently undergoing treatment for blood cancer organised collections with their family and friends; and supporters who are now in remission also supported the campaign.

In Newcastle our researchers took part in street collections alongside members of our Fundraising Groups (see photo).

In Edinburgh a member of the public commented that they had lost a close friend to blood cancer and it was great to see the charity collecting as every little bit helps.

In Maidstone a couple whose 3 years old daughter has just been diagnosed with blood cancer emptied all their money in to the collecting can and thanked us for all the research that is taking place.

On the streets of Mold in Wales, Rotary club members joined our  Branch to help with street collections.

On the streets of Birmingham our researchers were so touched by the generosity of the general public and spent time talking to them about the work that they are involved in.

It’s been a busy month for all staff with the number of events taking place but this didn’t stop some of them helping out at our London tube collections - this speaks volumes for the type of people who work for our organisation.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in such a special weekend.



A huge well done and thank you to everyone that took part over the weekend. I'm a leukaemia survivor myself and if it wasn't for the efforts of fundraisers like yourselves raising the money that is funding the research that is improving treatment, I wouldn't still be here today!

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