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Small Change BIG Impact

Ben Sykes
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17 Sep 2015

This September proved to be one of the most exciting months we’ve ever had at Bloodwise; it was a month which saw such an incredible amount of positive change.  We changed our name from Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research to Bloodwise; we published our brand new website and we organised the UK's largest ever blood cancer awareness campaign. To complement this, the regional fundraising team hosted our now annual campaign, Small Change BIG Impact for the third year.

With in excess of 120 bucket collections taking place across the UK, our incredible volunteers helped us to ensure that people not only saw our new name on billboards and across the internet, they also had the opportunity to chat to someone about Bloodwise in their high street, at their local supermarket or on their commute to work.  Each of our volunteers were armed with shiny new Bloodwise stickers and our awareness campaign postcards and up and down the country collectors were reporting the exciting new conversations our new name opened up and the wider audience we were able to engage. With so many collections taking place, and money still pouring in from across the country, early indications suggest that we’re on course to smash last year’s total of £65,000!

Small Change BIG Impact isn’t only about collections though. People up and down the country have been taking on all sorts of incredible feats. In the centre of Gloucester Barbara Jones organised a row and bike marathon on static machines, taking a team of hardy fundraisers the 154 miles from Gloucester to the Isle of Wight, and beyond - all without moving from the front of Tesco Quedgeley!  The public were clearly very impressed by their efforts and the team managed to raise an incredible £840 from generous shoppers.

Thrill seekers, not the type of people who like being left out, have also been in on the action. In the South East of England, a group of adrenaline junkies threw themselves out of a plane, raising an incredible £3,400, whilst in Glasgow five fearless fundraisers took on the famous Zip Slide Across the Clyde. One of our zip sliders in Glasgow, Lynn Hillis, who took part with her friend Alison Pickard had this to say:

"I've been in remission from AML since Feb 2014 and when I saw this event in your newsletter I knew it was time to start giving something back! My amazingly supportive friend, who was with me all through my illness, agreed to do it with me and we've decided this is the start of our fundraising adventures!"

We’re always humbled by the reasons that people support us and the lengths that they will go to to ensure that we’re able to beat blood cancer, whether that’s standing on their local high street for a whole day or jumping out of a plane and all of these people are helping us to ensure that we can make a big impact on the lives of blood cancer patients.

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