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Small Change BIG Impact in the South East

Caitlin Ashdown
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11 May 2015

It’s looking busy in the South East this September! We want to make this Small Change, BIG Impact the best yet, and we know that we can with your help. We’ve got plenty that you can help out with, but there’s also the opportunity for you to do your own thing.

Here’s a list of our current collections – we’d love you to join in with one or more of the days, for an hour of the whole day, it’s totally up to you. 

Location Type of Collection Date
Waterloo, London Station Collection 3rd September
Cambridge Street Collection 5th September
Oxford Street Collection 5th September
Brighton Street Collection 5th September
Reading Street Collection 5th September
Maidenhead Street Collection 5th September
Canterbury Street Collection 5th September
Tunbridge Wells Street Collection 5th September
Skydive - Peterborough Fundraising Event 6th September
Cannon Street, London Station Collection 10th September
Milton Keynes Street Collection 12th September
Reigate Street Collection 12th September
Crawley Street Collection 12th September
Hoddesdon Street Collection 12th September
Guildford (Friary Centre) Shopping Centre Collection 13th September
Portsmouth  Street Collection 19th September
Ipswich Street Collection 26th September
Norwich Street Collection 26th September
Skydive - Norwich Fundraising Event 27th September


We’ve also got another exciting event happening during the month – the 20p Game! This is a game ideal for pubs and cafes. Customers are challenged to balance a 20p on top of a lemon which is in a bowl of water. If successful, they receive a free coffee or pint. If unsuccessful, no matter, all fallen 20ps are brought back to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. We need volunteers to help bring this idea to their local pubs and cafes. See an example here:

If you’d like to arrange your own collection or hold your own event then we’d love to hear about it. We’ll support you all the way and will help with whatever we can.

Get in touch with Dannii or Caitlin to find out more or to volunteer your time:



We raise loads this way in South Cheshire at our local pub, albeit the 20 pences get a little sticky! Brilliant easy & simple - what`s not to like!


So nice to see success stories, unfortunately for my dad it's not good please read and if possible donate