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Andy Jackson
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02 Feb 2015

Fundraiser and Radio 1 Teen Hero Jack Marshall needs your help to put smiles back on the faces back of blood cancer patients by taking part in his #Smiles4Jack campaign which he launched over the weekend at a star-studded ball on when he got celebrities to tweet selfies using the hashtag #Smiles4Jack in exchange for a small donation to the charity.

Jack can't smile himself as he suffers from Moebius Syndrome but you can help him give blood cancer patients one 'L' of a smile by getting involved in his campaign and helping it go viral. Here's how you can do just that:

1. Take a selfie of you smiling (don't forget the L!)

This is a fun campaign designed to grab attention and put a smile back on the faces of blood cancer patients so try and put on the biggest smile you can possibly muster. Wigs, fancy dress and face paint are also all actively encouraged - just don't forget to form the L with your right hand to show your support for the campaign. Here's pics of Catriona Tait and Lauren Fraser, from our regional team in the North, showing us all how it's done: 

2. Update your Facebook status with your selfie and nominate a friend

Post your #Smiles4Jack selfie as your new status on Facebook along with the following message:

"I'm giving Radio One Teen Hero Jack Marshall one 'L' of a smile to show my support for his #Smiles4Jack campaign for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Show your support by taking your own selfie and making a donation to beat blood cancer by texting SFJM70 (£ amount) to 70070. I nominate (name of friend/friends that you'd like to take part)

3. Make your donation

Text SFJM70 (£ amount) to 70070 to make your donation - the amount you enter is up to you!

4. Send us your photos on Twitter

If you've got Twitter, we'd love for you tweet us at @beatbloodcancer using your photos using the hashtag #Smiles4Jack. This will help us to spread the word about the campaign online. All photos we receive will also go straight in to our Facebook gallery which we'll be updating throughout the campaign.

So go on, help us with #Smiles4Jack and give Jack one 'L' of a smile whilst helping us beat blood cancer at the same time!

Follow Jack's campaign on Facebook

Make a donation to Smiles4Jack



Donation sent, nominations made! This is an awesome idea, Jack, and I really hope that it takes off. Together we will beat blood cancer!


All the best Jack with a fantastic fundraising idea that really engages with the way people want to donate these days! We've shared it on our Facebook page and keep retweeting so hopefully that will help reach a few more people!