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So the Chemo starts....

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04 Jun 2015

So turns out that St.John had small tumers in nearly all parts of his upper chest and into his neck – hence the cough as these were pressing on his wind pipe!! (Should have listened to me!!) The biggest was the size of an orange –
Chemo started – a bit of an issue given St.Johns intolerance for needles and blood (ironic given the type of cancer he had)!!
The first session was a shock for both of us – St.John didn’t realise how hard it would be to get the drunk into his arm or how ill it would make him afterwards. He had chemo every other Tuesday at Darlington memorial hospital (great for me as I work over the road so could visit!) He had Wed and Thurs off work then went back to work on the Friday and the following week – this would become common practice for St.John as he wanted an element of normality.
However, after his second chemo session it was decide that he should have a pic line put in as he was stressing out about the needle going in and it was proving difficult to get in – this resulted in a big needle being inserted into his forearm and into his vein – better as the chemo drugs went directly to where they should be – not so good was that he now had to go to hospital very week – one week to get it flushed – the other to have chemo. Over the next few months our weeks played out much the same – St.John got involved with a lot of the wedding planning too.



I remember the treatment time only too well Vicky and the pain that was all the needles - I had a Hickman line put in in the end which wasn't the most pleasant experience but it did stop me being a pin cushion.

In a way I guess it must have been good for St.John to have the wedding planning as it would have given him something to take his mind off treatment.