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So this is Christmas

Lisa G.
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07 Jul 2016

Bit late, but this is us doing Christmas with leukaemia

It was a close call, the week leading up to Christmas had seen 4 hospital visits, only one of which had been scheduled, but we made it through Christmas with no hospital stays, yay! 
Hugo's wiggly managed to work for the remaining 2 doses of cytarabine, with the last one successfully given on Christmas Eve, just in time for us to make Christmas Carols on the Green - a Christmas family tradition!

However, the cytarabine, along with the mercaptopurine caused his blood counts to drop, particularly his red blood count.  It was an anxious wait on Christmas Eve to see if they had risen enough to avoid a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day blood transfusion hospital trip.  Hugo was pale and tired, but his little body worked hard and pushed those red blood cells up and we finally got the call at 6.30pm on Christmas Eve to deliver the good news.  They were still low, but on the rise, phew!

It was such a relief to be able to enjoy the Christmas Eve excitement. To carry out the traditions that have gradually emerged since we had children. The mince pie for Santa and the carrot for Rudolf. Putting the sacks out ready, all while wearing Christmas pyjamas. Tucking two very excited boys up in bed and feeling that fantastic childlike sense of wonder and fun.  I loved it, they loved it, we were all well and truly in the Christmas spirit!

We had a lovely Christmas Day.  We hadn't made any plans, scared of tempting fate.  We'd organised ourselves as best we could, determined to take any eventuality in our stride.  So it was just the 4 of us, wearing our pyjamas, for most of the day.  It was relaxed, fun and completely and utterly wonderful.

Despite the cancer and despite the stressful week, I suspect we will look back on this Christmas with fondness.  At how wonderful it was to shut out the rest of the world and focus on what was truly important to us, being here and being with each other.  We were afforded the luxury of time together.  The smiles and the excitement were made all the more special because of what might have been.  We were able to enjoy, appreciate and relish every moment, unrestricted. What could be more perfect than that.

Our Christmas dinner came from the freezer so we got our Turkey lunch, but without the stress.  Well actually Hugo, who is still off his food, had 2 mini gingerbread men, but the rest of us tucked into a delicious lunch, complete with crackers and paper hats!  Family popped round late in the afternoon and on Boxing Day so we really got the best of both worlds.  I couldn't have asked for more.

27 December 2015

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