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So we have a bike ride coming up.....?

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18 Jul 2014

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the following: -

Teamfleet now has four members, all eager, fit and excited about our forthcoming bike challenge.

Actually, the first bit is correct.  We are four strong.  Sadly none of the second bit is remotely the truth as of today!

I think I mentioned my mate Dave had been roped in to participating in the 100 mile bike challenge.  He has also done the first two Triathlons with me.  He says he will not do anymore Tri events as he is focussing on his preparations for the bike ride.  Which is roughly translated as those first two hurt and his cycling needs some major attention if he is to complete the bike ride.

Anyway we have now been joined by Ian and Andy.  Ian a veteran at most sports (actually just a veteran) has been coming out with me and Dave biking around Warwickshire.  We have built up steadily and have completed a couple of 40+ mile rides.  Times getting faster, saddle soreness diminishing, we are in a good place.

Andy has just bought his bike.  Been out a couple of times for an hour.  It has hurt.  Boy, has he got some training to do !

I joke, because I am really pleased to have three great friends with me for the challenge.  I know we will have a great day.  It is so much better cycling in a group with friends.

Finally concerning the bike ride, Dave decided to drive his car along some of the route.  Initially when he signed up for it he thought we would have been riding multiples laps around Birmingham to complete 100 miles.  Sadly when I mentioned the route visited the Cotswolds, he got a little bit curious as he knows the Cotswolds can be a bit hilly.  He also read the description which said something to the effect that the course would test the most experienced cyclist.  So he took the car out and was not impressed by some of the inclines !  I have suggested that we have low gears for hills.  Dave suggests his bike has got gears that are not low enough!

It is going to be a great day out !

This all brings me to this Sunday.  It is my third Triathlon.  So that will be three done in 10 weeks.  I am looking forward to it.  Swim will be average, bike will be good, run will hurt.  A normal Triathlon for me.

Will let you know !

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