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Some fun-raising ideas to start the New Year

Jack Lines
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08 Jan 2015

Off with the Santa hat; on with the fundraising hat! Here are a few ideas to help kick-start your fundraising for 2015.

Happy (belated) New Year all!

Hopefully by now you’ve had your fill of Christmas turkey, puddings, beef, mince pies, chocolate, mulled wine, cheese or anything else you could get your hands on, and are back on the (somewhat) healthy train!

Now is also the time to ramp up your fundraising, or to get going if you haven’t yet started! Below are a few more ideas to help you on your way to smashing your target…

Pub quiz – an oldie but a goodie!
Most pubs will have a space or room they can provide for free, especially if you hold one midweek and let them know how many people you’ll be bringing down! Spread the word at work or amongst friends, charge a small fee per team or individual, and get quizzing! You can find plenty of quiz templates online, but it’s more fun to write your own. You can either try and source a prize or two from local companies, or don’t be afraid to ask your friends as they may well have access to things you hadn’t even thought of. You could even ask the pub if they’d give you a bar voucher you could offer.

Valentines night party/event
It’ll be here before you know it! Throw a party, host a speed-dating night, or you could even hold an ‘anti-valentines’ event (depending on your general feelings about the day!). Why not cook a big meal and charge friends £5/£10 to enjoy it with you? Or if you’ve got generous friends you could even ask them to bring a dish – and the money!

Sponsored sacrifice (not the extreme kind!)
Is there anything you can’t live without? Well give it up, and let your friends know about it. Set yourself a target, or better yet, get them to set a target in return for their lovely money!

You’d be surprised how much some people would be willing to pay for your ‘junk’. If you’re thinking of having a New Year’s clear out, why not chuck a few things on Ebay and see what they go for – you might be surprised.

Finally, ask, ask, ask!
There’s no room for shyness or embarrassment when fundraising. If you don’t ask, you won’t get! You’d be surprised at people’s generosity, especially if they see that you might be going through some kind of embarrassing fundraising ordeal or horrible challenge…

...And remember, every donation you receive, no matter how big or small, makes a huge difference towards helping us beat blood cancer. Thank you - stay amazing!




Some great fundraising ideas here Jack - I've always been a big fan of the pub quiz.


Too kind Andy, too kind!