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Spice Girl Mel C lends support to friend in Blenheim Triathlon WR attempt

Steph Cade
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27 May 2016

Bloodwise supporter John Brame preparing for gruelling 12 hour triathlon challenge.

Former Great Britain athlete John Brame has the support of friend and former Spice Girl Mel C as he prepares to establish a new Guinness World Record at Blenheim Palace Triathlon on Saturday 4 June. The 36-year-old from Roehampton in London will be looking to complete as many sprint distance triathlons as possible in 12 hours, all whilst raising money for Bloodwise.

Mel will also be undertaking her own triathlon challenge on the same Saturday, as she makes her way round the Blenheim course for Bloodwise.

The sprint distance triathlon comprises of a 750 metre(m) swim, 19.8 kilometre(km) bike ride and 5.4km run, with Guinness World Records setting an estimated target of 10 full triathlons. This would result in almost 170km of cycling, 40km of running and 7,500m of swimming, rivalling that of a full Iron Man distance. To support John and donate, please click here.

John, who provides coaching to triathletes on behalf of Bloodwise through his company RG Active, and who counts Formula 1 ace Jenson Button and political commentator Alastair Campbell amongst those he has guided in the sport, says:

“I am trying to do an ironman distance at sprint speed and on a hilly Blenheim course, which will be tough to say the least! I opted for the 12 hour challenge to make it sufficiently demanding. People assume I don’t find racing hard so I had to think up something tough enough that would encourage people to support me by donating money to a great charity and cause.

“I could have 30 different changes of sport, in terms of the transitions from swim to bike to road running, which will be one of the hardest things. It will mean getting my nutrition, body temperature and all logistics exactly right. I struggle with cold water too so will have to manage getting very cold whilst I swim, then warming up again. I am hugely apprehensive but excited as well”. 

Mel C adds: "I am so excited to be supporting John at his world record attempt for Bloodwise at Blenheim Palace Triathlon. I'm so proud of him and don't know anybody else who could achieve this incredible feat. Go John!”

This attempt will be one of a succession of demanding physical tests that John, a former junior international triathlete and professional cyclist, has set himself this summer. Having completed a 12-hour ‘brick’ session comprising of consecutive bike-run-repeat sessions in April, as well as an eight-hour aquathlon and a gruelling 100m-100-times pool swim session this month, John hopes he’ll stand in good stead for the ‘main event’ at Blenheim Triathlon.

Matt Lawley, Head of Sports at Bloodwise, says: “John loves taking on a challenge and this latest effort, especially with a World Record there for the taking, will certainly be a special achievement. We wish him the very best at Blenheim and look forward to cheering him on as he speeds around the course.”

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