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Graham James
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06 Jul 2014

The good, the bad and the generous

The most amazing thing about all this for me is the way in which people continue to come forward and not only give me their support but more importantly demonstrate their immense generosity. A big thank you today goes to Joanne Clogan, Gabe Kelly and Liz Crutchley - 3 lovely girls.

Joanne and Gabe are currently helping their Dad, Denis, get back to full health after yet another hip operation, so good luck to Denis, one of life's true gentlemen. Talking of which, Liz's Dad, Dave Elliott, was also one of life's real gentlemen who lost his life nearly 10 years ago after battling first cancer of the kidney and then a brain tumour. He was a great guy and my best friend. I never expected that the passing of a friend would have affected me so much as it did.

So what is the bad? A couple of my sponsors have had their donation taken twice and I have written to the charity in an attempt to get their money refunded. I will chase it up this week but please bear with me Sharon and Joanne.

I did a few miles this morning as I try to get back into training after my Aberdovey run on 27 June. I don't recover like I used to but the numbness in my bottom and nether regions has nearly gone now. I'll be ok.

By the way, the photo is me at the Aberdovey finish line in 2013.

Thanks and take care,




Hi Graham,

Great to hear that everything is going well. I've been overwhelmed by the level of support and interest in my own Bikeathon and challenge efforts and it really gives you that motivation to get back on the bike and restores a bit of faith in humanity when you see so many bad things going on in the world.

Sorry to hear about the problems with the sponsorship - I hope these get resolved soon. If you're still having problems please don't hesitate to get in touch with me and I can look in to it on your behalf. My email is



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