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Graham James
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14 Jul 2014

Piggy McStiggy and a bar of soap

Apart from the continued and overwhelmingly generous support I'm receiving, there are surrealistic elements creeping into proceedings, which I think is great. But first I must say a big thank you to my latest sponsors, namely Annette and Brian Monaghan, my cousin Mary and her husband Tom, Emma and Steve Jobin, and Craig Waring from work. You have all been so generous and I can't thank you enough. I continue to feel a weird mixture of gratitude, humility, embarrassment, responsibility and amazement but there is also that bit of pressure which comes from being backed by such a great bunch of sponsors. Actually it's the opposite of pressure, in truth I'm uplifted, thank you all so much.

So now I have the strange and wonderful Piggy McStiggy among my sponsors. Who is this mystery benefactor? Don't ask me but I need to find out more so watch this space.

So where does the bar of soap come in? I'm not sure whether I'm being set up here but I asked my cousin David, a keen cyclist for many years, how he coped with the sore bottom syndrome that afflicts the long distance cyclist. He said he used to coat the padding of his cycling shorts with soap, Dove being the kindest brand. This always did the trick he claimed but I just had visions of my bottom bubbling up in a shower of rain. At least I'd have a clean botty but when he returns to South Africa next week I wonder whether he'll be telling the story of a gullible Englishman who's forever blowing bubbles from his backside. It was great to see you Dave, have a safe trip home. How about this - when he came off his bike in a serious accident a few years back, his speedometer registered his speed at 83kph, which is almost 52mph. And no, he wasn't going down a steep hill. But it proves that cycling can be dangerous, something I have personal experience of, but it also tells me that if there are 'proper' cyclists doing the Bikeathon then I may be some distance behind by the time I reach the finish line. Must make sure my lights are fitted.

Anyway I was up with the lark this weekend and did a few hills on my bike. I wish I could claim that the training is showing its benefits but I'm absolutely cream-crackered, and I ache as well. All going to plan then.

Thanks everyone and take care.




Another great update, Graham.

Fundraising sounds like it's going really well and seems to be giving you that added motivation for the training which is great. Interesting idea about the soap - I've not heard that one before but might have to give it a go!

Keep up the good work - together we will beat blood cancer!

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