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Graham James
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06 Aug 2014

Keep right on to the end of something or other

Going down the Blues last Saturday (that's Birmingham City Football Club to anyone from the Chelsea area of London) with Ethan and our Mick reminded me that there are worse things in life than sitting on a bike for 9 hours whilst attempting to ride 99 miles further than your body can take. But they beat Scotland's finest premier team, that's Inverness Caledonian Thistle in case you didn't know, meaning that I now actually believe in miracles and have started to receive visions of me cycling down Broad Street just ahead of the chasing peloton to win the Birmingham Bikeathon. Three problems with that, firstly it's not a race; secondly, by the time I get back to Birmingham everyone else will be tucked up in bed; and thirdly, I've stopped believing in miracles.

Meanwhile back in the real world, more wonderfully generous people have stepped forward to sponsor me and I want to thank them all so much for their support. So first a big thank you to colleagues from work, namely Julie Rogers, Dave French, Mick Rycroft, Maureen Reidy, Caron Lincoln and Keith Dixon (someone else obviously carried away by the Blues famous victory last Saturday). And thank you also to great friends Pauline and Paul (sorry for nodding off on you when you visited on Sunday), and my cousin Margaret and her husband Charlie. Margaret is looking after all matters spiritual for me and continually disregards my assertions that I'm beyond redemption - at least I now know the meaning of blind faith.

So how is the training going I hear you ask. Well I still ache and look a complete wreck so I guess the answer is "according to plan". But I've been reading a book about Lance Armstrong and it appears there may be an easier way after all. The local chemist wasn't much help though as when I asked for a month's supply of corticosteroids he gave me a tube of haemorrhoid cream. It got me thinking about miracles again though as I had been meaning to get a tube for some time.

Anyway, thanks again everyone and take care. Keep the faith and believe - miracles do happen.


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