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Sponsorship 7

Graham James
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15 Aug 2014

This is where it goes

It was great to receive another couple of sponsorships this week to reach the £600 mark (£740 with giftaid added) so a big thank you to Sherri-Ann Kelly and Melinda Bryan, and thank you also for your kind and inspiring comments. You should know that my daughter Emma used to hate it when people would ask her if she was 'Graham's daughter' and then refer to her as such; the same thing used to happen to my son Phil. But I rather like being called 'Emma's dad' so thanks again to Sherri-Ann and Melinda from Emma's dad, I really appreciate your support.

Chris underwent her second operation on Wednesday for her breast cancer, this to remove all the lymph nodes under her left armpit and perform a cavity scrape to her left breast. This became necessary as potentially cancerous tissue still remained following her first operation in June so we're rather hoping this has now done the job. That still leaves 6 months of chemotherapy starting in September followed by radiotherapy. She is doing OK though and remains as positive as always, maybe with the hope that something goes her way now. Fingers crossed.

The training goes on hold now for a few days while I take Ethan camping, although I see that as a bit of a boot camp and anticipate coming back as hard as Vinnie Jones and as craggy as John Hurt. The fact that neither is known for their cycling prowess is perhaps lost on me. Anyway, we're heading towards Woolacombe in North Devon, scene of some early holiday camping expeditions as a lad. I'm sure to get all sentimental while the rain lashes down and the tent flies off towards Barnstaple to the refrain of 'happy days are here again'. I hope Ethan enjoys himself at least.

Thanks again and take care. Onward.


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