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Sports & activities

Dan Henchman
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28 Jun 2013

Athletics event
Sprint, hurdle and long jump to beat blood cancer – why not ask people taking part to be sponsored?

Get a team together to take part in an abseil and raise funds through sponsorship for taking part

Organise your own cycling event or join our Bikeathons team and take part in one of our Bikeathons

Climb a mountain
Do you fancy a physical challenge? Our fundraisers have done fantastic climbs to help beat blood cancers

Cricket match
Sir Ian Botham is President of our charity, and you can take a leaf out of his book and organise a cricket match in your local area

Football tournament
Are you a big football fan? Get your friends together for a tournament, and you can charge fines for any own goals and yellow cards!

Fun run
Adults and children alike can take part in this fun event

Golf day
“Fore!” Approach your local golf course about hosting a charity golf day, and charge teams to enter with incentives such as prizes for the team that finishes in first place

Go karting
Get your friends together for some go karting and you can be sponsored for the fun activity!

Great North Run
Join our Unstoppables sports team and take part in this ever popular half marathon in the North East

Hockey tournament
Get the hockey sticks at the ready and host a hockey tournament, with a donation from each team taking part

Kwik cricket match
A fast paced alternative to a regular cricket match!

Orienteering event
People can donate to take part, with a prize for the team who gets from A to B first!

Parachute jump
You could be sponsored to take part in this exhilarating challenge

Run to beat blood cancer
Why not get sponsored when you take part in a running event?

Are you taking part in a Marathon or Half Marathon? Get one of our Sweepstake forms and people can pay 50p to guess the time you will complete the run in

If you are taking part in a trek, you could get sponsored for the challenge to raise funds

Swim, cycle AND run to beat blood cancers! Take part in an organised event or host your own

Be Unstoppable. Join our sports team, who won’t stop until we’ve beaten blood cancer!

Volleyball competition
Head down to your local beach to host a volleyball competition, with teams paying to take part

Sponsored Walk
Take part in a Walk in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, or why not organise your own?

This is great for fitness fans, and you can get sponsored for the challenge. How long can you and your friends Zumba for?

For more events and information, visit our Sports & challenges page.