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The start of official training

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22 Jul 2015

Short ride out now the nicer weather has arrived

Firstly, apologies for the big gap in blogs, several things to blame, illness, weather, Christmas, New Year, and the arrival of my first child, Thea Rose on the 8th February 2015. After a speedy birth, and nearly having to deliver her myself at home (home birth was planned) I feel that London to Paris is deffinately going to be a very close 2nd to that first moment of seeing little Thea.

On the 14th March, my brother and I planned a short route of just over 50k, riding through Gt baddow, Round West Hanningfield Resevoir, Stock, Ingatestone, Edney Common and then finally through Writtle. It was also the first opportunity i have to use my new Garmin device.

The Garmin would be able to act as a satnav for pre-planned routes, as well as tracking my cadence (how fast I pedal) and my heart rate.

After about 10k, I realised that I had not pressed 'start' on the garmin, so the attached strava file was shorter than the actual ride. Leason learnt I hope.

On the 32.5km which was logged, we averaged 24.2kmph, and with an average heart rate of 158bpm.


Knowing that time out of the house would be at a premium, I purchased a turbo trainer from halfords to help with my training. A turbo trainer is bike stand that clamps a roller onto the rear wheel, with varying resistance to control effort.

15th March, I had a spare hour so decided to set the turbo trainer up in the lounge. I got on and started pedalling, with a stopwatch within view I was focusing on 30 seconds 80% effort, 30 seconds 50% effort. This type of training is known as interval training, and can be adapted to tailer any needs for the individual. After a 10 minute warm up, 20 minute interval session, and a 10 minute cool down, I called it a day. Please with my purchase, knowing that it would get a lot of use in my training plan.


17th March, another turbo trainer session. This time the interval training was slightly different, after a 15 minute warm up, I would put the bike into 6th gear, and every 30 seconds increase my cadence by 5 rpm. 80rpm, 85rpm, 90rpm, 95rpm, and finally 100rpm. followed by a 2 minute rest period. This would be repeated for 7th gear, 8th gear, 9th gear and 10th gear. followed by a 10 minute cool down.


22nd March, I decided to go out alone on the West Hanningfield route as Phil was unavailable. Remembering to start my Garmin this time, I was able to increase my average speed to 26.8kph. I felt very comfortable on the ride, and could really feel the turbo sessions had helped me.


23rd March, another turbo session, this time different again to previous. the aim in this session was to maintain cadence at 85rpm. After a 15 minute warm up, 5th gear would be selected, and after 40 seconds, the next gear up would be selected, right through to 10th gear, followed by a three minute rest period. This was repeated 3 times. Followed by a simple 10 second maximum effort, 1 minute rest. On the final effort after making sure the bike was stable, i really did go for it, and peaked my top speed at 86kph (53.4mph). Only after I got off did I consider the consequences of coming unattached and flying through our TV.


That is all my March rides summarised, click the following blog for April's.



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