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Starting our Fundraising

Simon and Lorra...
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14 Mar 2015

Setting up an outdoor cinema event

We have had great fun setting up this event with our friends at West Bridgford Cycling Club.

Once we had secured the venue in the magnificent grounds of Holme Pierrepont Hall it was just a matter of booking a screen to show the film Mamma Mia and then selling the tickets. The event sold out in just nine days much to our surpise. It seems everyone loves this film. It will be bring a picnic and enjoy the gardens prior to the screening of the film.

We were then offered to have a bar and a coffee stand and the profits are being donated to our fundraising.

It is promising to be a great night and lots of fun.



Wnat a fantastic idea! Well done on selling out so quickly - you'll have to record the event and add the video to your next blog of everyone singing along!

Thanks so much for everything you're doing on the fundraising front and good luck with the training. Together we will beat blood cancer!


What a day we had on the 22nd May for our pop up outdoor cinema event at Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottingham. The sun was shining the setting was looking beautiful and the team arrived in good time to get organised setting up the entrance gazebo the event control area and the raffle prize table. The bar was being set up the screen and film hire everything was just falling into place as planned perfectly. There was definitely some excitement and it was brilliant to have us all together as a team working to make the event a success.

We managed to get a team photo, as we looked like a professional event management team in our red t-shirts.

The team took up their allocated positions before people arrived to manage the car parking, checking tickets selling raffle tickets and generally ensuring those arriving for the event were ok. We had contingency plans in place for all eventualities that could occur we had even informed the local police and ambulance services that we had our event that night.

The plan was to announce the raffle at around 8.45 approximately half an hour before the film was due to start. Just as we were preparing for this the company we had hired to deliver the film informed us that they had a technical problem that they were unable to resolve. Had we met our ‘Waterloo’? What a bombshell – the team were momentarily silent and then we started to think. An ‘SOS’ plan was put into action to contact anyone we could think of that could potentially produce a high-powered projector for us at short notice.

We had 20 prizes for the raffle all donated by local companies supporting us in our fundraising efforts they were all mentioned and thanked for their support.

It wasn’t too long before we had a ‘Super Trouper’ on his way to us with a high-powered projector saying ‘I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do’. The film started to loud cheers about an hour later than it should have done. The ‘Dancing Queens’ were soon up at the front singing along enjoying the event. So despite the problem we had a fantastic night and we have raised money for the charity.

The fundraising team would like to thank everyone who came along and supported the event and for their lovely comments.

We would also like to thank the owners of Holme Pierrepont Hall for allowing us to use the grounds of their beautiful home.

Our next event is 4th July this is a Gala Dinner, at Nottingham Forest Football Club, Nottingham’s well-known international vocalist Paul Emmanuel supports us with Urban Intro. For further details see