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Stay warm this winter & support your favourite charity

Jonathan S
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12 Sep 2012

Stay warm this winter, support your favourite charity and earn yourself £30 of M&S vouchers with free insulation for your home! 

Throughout September 2012, M&S Energy will donate £5 to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research for each FREE home insulation installation booked and subsequently completed where your code is quoted.* And it gets even better, because once your installation is completed, you will also be rewarded with £30 of M&S vouchers for yourself!

Insulation keeps your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and can reduce your carbon footprint and heating bills making it friendly to both the environment and your wallet! Loft insulation can potentially save up to 25% of your heat loss and up to £150 on your fuel bill whilst Cavity Wall insulation can potentially save up to 35% of your heat loss and up to £170 on your fuel bill. **

All you need to do is simply call today on 0800 0 106 106 and quote ‘LLR12’ or visit online at

M&S Energy’s helpful advisors will ask a few questions to determine the eligibility and if your home is suitable, an assessment and then subsequent installation will be booked at a time that is convenient to you. If it is not possible to insulate your home, you will be informed at this point. ***

  In order for your charity to get the £5 donation, you must ensure when you ring, that you quote the code ‘LLR12’. Donations will only be made upon completion of the installation of your chosen insulation (i.e. no donation will be made if you simply book an assessment) and are restricted to a one time donation of £5 for your charity and £30 for you regardless of whether you have loft insulation, cavity wall insulation or both.

This is a free service however it is dependent on the size of your home. Your assessor will tell you if there will be any extra costs for the customer but these would be minimal i.e. a 3-4 bedroom house would normally be fine

During the assessment and after the installation

Our trained assessors will drill a small bore hole to confirm that your home is suitable for cavity insulation; don’t worry, they will clean any mess and fill the hole afterwards. They will also inspect your loft to see if there is a need for loft insulation, including a top up of existing insulation if needed. In the majority of cases the install process takes less than a day and all installers tidy up after themselves. The end result is a warmer, more comfortable home and hopefully reduced bills this winter! This is a time limited offer so don’t delay and risk missing out - get your home ready for winter and support your charity today!

*Subject to T&C’s available at

**Information sourced from Energy Savings Trust website. Annual savings are estimated figures based on insulating a gas-heated, 3-bedded, semi-detached home.

***Not all applications result in an assessment as the property may be deemed unsuitable through the phone enquiry. Reasons for this include the house being new, already having adequate insulation due to building regulations from the 90’s or already having over 150mm of loft insulation.