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Step one - The CT Scan

Steven M
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06 Nov 2015

"Hello Steven, my name is Susan and I'll be looking after you through your CT scan today.  Could you pop on this gown for me, lock your valuables in that locker over there, then we can get you started."

She was mid twenties with a nice warm reassuring smile.

It finally hit me then, that this was the first step down a very long windy road.

My mind  flashes back as I'm changing into a lovely, hospital issued, used a thousand times gown.  It's four hours previous and I'm snuggling spoon fashion up to my wife Carolyn:

"Get that thing out of my back, why the hell have you got one of those, this morning of all mornings."

"I don't know, why not?" I reply.

"Hey, do you remember that Sunday night when we were first together. I lived in Selsey and you lived in Crawley, we'd spent the weekend at my place, you were about to leave, but I was trying to convince you to stay and travel back in the morning?"

"Why, what happened" came back the whispered reply.

"Well we were kissing and I was getting carried away, then after a few minutes you abruptly stood up, smiled and said, " Gotta go, bye".

"No", she said, "I don't remember that, but I remember when you were stood by the front door talking to your Mum on the phone and I started......."

"Yes, I remember that too" I said and start to think this could lead somewhere.

Then right on cue, as if she has a sixth sense and absolutely no regard for a mans needs, my daughter cries out.


Three years old and the best contraceptive known to man.

"C'mon, we're half an hour behind schedule and there's a lot to get done before you go in".

I snap back to reality as Susan talks me through the procedure.

"You've had your water, now, I'm going to put a venflon line in your arm, so we can pump some fluid through your body as we take the pictures, now which arm is best?

"I'm a blood donor and the left arm seems to behave itself mostly", I repeat parrot fashion, after four months of blood tests, MRI scans, CT scans, biopsies and bone marrow extraction, I have uttered those words a few times at least.

"Sharp Scratch coming up"

Step one of the marathon taken.


Read the next step of my journey.




Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences. I'm amazed your able to remember in so much detail. A lot of my diagnosis was a bit of a blur!

I remember all the tests only too well especially at the beginning when you become a bit of a pin cushion! Was leukaemia already expected at this stage? What signs and symptoms made you come forwards in the first instance?

P.S. Those patient gowns are hideous!

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