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Step up to Serve

Rhiannon Sweeney
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15 Oct 2014

Youth Volunteering

On Monday 24th November , both I and Branch coordinator Daniel will be heading down to London and the O2 Indigo to celebrate the first anniversary of Step up to Serve's #IWill Campaign. Step up to Serve is a charity which is aiming to double the number of volunteers aged 10-20 between 2014 and 2020. 

"There are 8.4 million young people in the UK. Currently only 29% are engaged in youth social action.
Many more young people want to be involved. Our goal is to increase the number of quality, meaningful opportunities
for young people to participate." - Step up to Serve

We will be going down to help and show our support for  this campaign but also to celebrate our own social action and we will be representing our Branch as the effect of our social action wouldn't be what it is without the shear amount of volunteers in our Branch. 

Whilst our Branch's main aim is to raise vital funds for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, we also see the importance of volunteering, fundraising and social change outside our Bracnh. Young People can really make a difference to the local and wider community but it also develops them into people with qualities which will only benefit them for the furture. We have our own campaign and project through our  Local Youth Development Program which is currently taking place, as well as helping make a real change and learn life skills, it gives them something to enhance their CV and help them achieve great things. It also will allow us to maintain our reputation as the youngest LLR Branch.

More details are to come about our LYDP, Step up to Serve and our experiences at the event in London.



Fantastic blog Rhiannon!

Couldn't agree more about the importance of promoting volunteering and social change and I think it's fantastic that you'll be representing both the branch and the charity as a whole at the event. The Winterton Branch is a great example of social change in action and we're extremely thankful for everything that you're doing to help us beat blood cancer.

Keep up the good work!