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Step Three - Waiting for chemo

Steven M
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06 Nov 2015

Recollections on waiting for my very first ever round of chemo.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine, they'll take good care of you here," a patient tells me immediately after finishing his intravenous chemotherapy. He's close to hop, skipping and jumping down the ward after he's told he can go home and come back in three weeks.

The green eyed monster starts grabbing me and I have to tell myself not to go there.  It is after all only the first step, número uno, at the bottom of the mountain with it all to climb, but I've got my grappling irons, ropes and ice picks and I'm ready for the challenge.

I'm currently sat in the day ward, having not had the predicted bone marrow extraction or the one time revised plan of a lumbar puncture. I am, in fact, awaiting my first Chemotherapy session.

Claire arrives and asks me to sign a consent form for the medication. Apparently Vincristine and Daunorubine are the cocktail of chemo drugs I shall be enjoying today.

She plugs some sodium chloride (salt water) into my cannula (tube in vein to take fluids) and starts the process.

"Claire, it's Dr Bevan on the phone," Rosemary informs.

Claire glances at me in a look that says "God, you've been messed around today!"

"Ok, problem,.......understand,........yes,........right,........I'll explain to Mr Mitchell, Thank you."

A deep breath and then...

"I'm sorry Steven, Dr Bevan has now spoken to Southampton and they would like the bone marrow before we administer any chemo, so let's get you some dinner shall we?"

Claire explains very apologetically.

"No problem," I respond. I wonder how much longer it'll be before my first dose of chemo?

As I'm sat there thinking about food, it dawns on me that I haven't eaten for over 24 hours.  I hear Claire talking to a colleague, she's 10 hours into a shift without a lunch break.

Nurses aren't good, they're super heroes, they just need a cape and red knickers over they're tights to complete the picture.


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Another great blog Steve!

Couldn't agree more about how amazing the nurses are. They did so much more than check my temperature and make sure I had my pills. They picked me up when I was feeling flat and helped me get my head round everything that was going on.

Can't imagine what it was like getting yourself all geared up to start chemo only to be told it was no longer happening. What an anticlimax!

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