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Stephen Sutton Teen Hero Award 2014

Jack Marshall
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02 Jan 2015

In October Jack attended Wembley Arena where he was presented with a great honour: The Stephen Sutton Teen Hero Award 2014 for his fundraising efforts.

Saturday 18th of October, Jack, Grace, Dominic and I gathered at the train station ready for our London adventure. A couple of hours later we were arriving in Kings Cross and heading towards our hotel for the weekend. We checked into the hotel and went for a tour around Wembley Arena and we got to meet the other Teen Hero Award winners. Wembley arena empty was massive, but we knew it would seem even bigger when it was full of 10,000 people the next afternoon. That afternoon we got to meet Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw and Ella Henderson and we also heard Labrinth sound check.

After this we went to BBC Radio One and had a tour around their building. We got to watch Danny Howard present his show live. We also went into the Live Lounge and I even got to sit in the very chair that Nick Grimshaw presents the breakfast show from!

The Teen Hero’s then went bowling for the evening. We were joined by Matt Edmunson and Dev. This was followed by the biggest pizza ever! After this it was back to the hotel for some well-deserved rest.

Sunday 19th of October began with Dancing round the hotel room with Taylor Swift on Full blast. We had to be in Wembley arena early the next morning. The Teen Heroes were then driven round to the red carpet where the Vamps and other celebrities were talking to various newspapers and magazines and there were lots of screaming people!

We then went to our seats ready for the show to start! The Teen Hero Awards were throughout the show and Jacks award was the last one to be presented. Nick Grimshaw and Stephen Suttons brother Chris Presented the award and I went on stage with Jack when he was given his award. We got to say those famous words 'Hello Wembley', took a famous selfie. Jack got a personal message from Ryan Giggs inviting us to Old Trafford to watch a match and meet him! Being huge Manchester United Fans, we both loved it!

The awards ceremony ended and we headed home after a fantastic weekend. A big thank you to the lovely Laura from Radio One who was with us all weekend.

Lots of love

Jaimie & Jack




Wow, sounds like an absolutely incredible experience for you both, and thoroughly, thoroughly well deserved. I am so pleased you had such a great time and that Jack has been recognised for all his extroardinary  support. Thank you both so very much for all that you do to support the work we do. Wishing you a very happy new year. :)


The award couldn't have gone to amore deserving case - Jack you are an absolute inspiration to us all and we're all extremely proud of you for everything that you've managed to achieve!


Aw Jack this sounds amazing. I hope you had a fab day. Thanks for all you do to help beat blood cancer, you are an inspiration to us all.