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Still snowbound in Switzerland

Sandy M
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28 Jan 2015

Snow, flu and warm car journeys to work

Blog 3/5 = 60 quid

The trouble with the training in Switzerland is that so far this year we are getting more low lying snow than I have experienced in my past 4 winters in the country.  The result is that there are either icy lines of snow from the ploughs clearing the road that cannot be negotiated on a bike, or as the snow melts icy rivers form and lie in wait for my night ride home.  However just to clarify, by day two of a snow fall, the local road teams have cleared and salted even the bike tracks, in a typical display of Swiss thoroughness.
Thankfully, the recent flurry of snow has coincided nicely with my having the flu, so I don’t feel so bad not getting on the bike in the mornings.  Also sitting car does allow me to really enjoy the views, that I normally get on my ride to work, the snow on the ground makes it all look pretty magical, I pulled of the car to take a couple more snaps for the blog.  I really hope that this summer is a going to repay me with lots of glorious morning and evening rides through the sunshine.
Once again, sorry for the rather simple blogs, but as I mentioned before my colleague at work has promised 100 quid if I get through 5 blogs, so there are only 2 more after this.  Then I will save my posts for more meaningful adventures on my bike, in the training for the London to Paris.  I got my training calendar for the event so I am slowly starting to dream of September and think of the other ways of raising funds between now and then.



Frustrating that the snow has persisted so long and kept you out of action on the roads, Sandy. On the plus side it looks like the scenery is stunning and it's good that you've still got the option of spinning to keep your fitness levels up. Don't push it too hard with the flu though before you've fully recovered. You've still got plenty of time.

Best of luck with the rest of your training and thanks so much for your update!