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Still in thy patient energy, In the endurance, and repulse Of thine impenetrable Spirit, Which Earth and Heaven could not convulse, A mighty lesson we inherit

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07 Aug 2014

BLOG THE THIRD by me about the things I am doing for the Bikeathon, training, human physiology, casual asides and oddities

Hello.  Yea ghods!!!  You know that bit of your body, located between your lower downstairs pavilion and ya backstage parking, the bit you REALLY sit on when you're on a bike?  YOU KNOW!  Well, by cripes mine's a bit tender!

The Perineum is it's technical name, I found some slang words for it online too, how's about BANUS?  There's also GOOCH, CHODE, GOUCH, GRUNDEL & my very favourite, the FLESHY FUN BRIDGE!!  I've found out more about this frequently neglected area of our physiology in the ten minutes research ;-) before I started this blog than in the previous 46 yrs of my life.  Just don't do an image search.  No, really don't.  Well.... not unless you wanna know the answer to what P-P means..........

And yes, my fleshy fun bridge isn't feeling the fun tonight!  

I've had a brief few days holiday at home with my wife and kids and it's been fab.  Since I posted last I've been training every two days on our exercise bike, varying between 10 & 15km distances.  Today my son Nathaniel and I went out for a proper bike ride, a lovely long journey around Birmingham and along the lovely Brum to Worcester canal, out to Hopwood and then back home.  The weather was glorious, Natty was happy and chatty, barge boats were in abundance with happy families waving and chatting to us as we passed by.  The air was alive with birdsong and insect hum, we saw horses flapping their tails in the heat across curving fields of barley under a caerulean sky, and we joyously bombed down dappled country lanes with not a car in sight!

We did 18 miles all told, a goodly portion of an actual Bikeathon - which I formally decree is now a unit of charitable measurement.  Just as we got to the crest of the hill upon which we live, my right thigh muscle tightened up with the promise of cramp and I had to walk the last fifty yards home.  We'd had a great time and it felt wonderful to have trained outdoors so well and we both thoroughly enjoyed the journey there and back again.  

After lots of fluids and a gloriously cool shower I came downstairs and sat down on the sofa to chat about our expedition.  Y.E.E.E.E.E.O.U.C.H.!!!!  It's like my grundel's got a black eye......... (oh please!).

 Aside from that I feel good and very positive about my training.  I've had some wonderful donations from friends and family, from close to home and from across the world!  (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!)  I've even lost weight, I now fit trousers and shorts I've not be able to wear for at least two years. So everything is rosy for me eh??

Whilst I was resting my weary GOUCH this evening, I absent-mindedly cruised through my Facebook feed, liking and commenting, gently involving myself across the social tides.   As I scrolled down my attention was brought to a juddering halt by this post that I've copied here.  

Delete Me If I'm Wrong!!!!
All of us have a thousand wishes. To be thinner, to be bigger, have more money, have a cool car, a day off, a new phone, to date the person of your dreams. A cancer patient only has one wish, to kick cancer's butt. I know that 97% of you won't broadcast this, but my friends will be the 3% that do. In honour of someone who died, or is fighting cancer, or even had cancer, copy and paste this.

It reminded me WHY I am doing the Bikeathon.  To help people less fortunate than myself. Yes the Bikeathon is helping me and restoring vitality to my own health, for which I am very grateful.  But it's not about me, I am just a conduit.  It's about those who have had their vitality robbed by Cancer, whose health has been destroyed by Leukaemia and whose families live in the impending shadow of mortality.  

So, with that in mind, once you've read my blog and laughed at my brusied fleshy fun bridge, please take some time (if you haven't already) to visit my Fundraising page and donate to my cause.


Be well, Jay x

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