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Still to win a little (or a lotto)

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21 Oct 2013

So, I didn't win the lottery. I guess that's no real surprise given that this was my first attempt and I've still got another 100 + opportunities to get lucky. That said, I'm convinced that this will be one of my most difficult of the the 30 challenges.

I've decided to stick with the same numbers throughout the process as I think if I were to change numbers at any point and the original set came up I'd be absolutely gutted.

Challenge 3: Grow a real beard

Besides the lottery fail, progress of sorts has been made on the beard front with patchy stubble breaking out on my face:

Going forwards, I think one of the most difficult aspects of this challenge will be growing a consistent beard as some areas appear beard proof.

Challenge 7: Read 30 books

I've also been racing along with my first Game of Thrones book. The kindle now tells me I'm over 50% through so I'm on course to get it read in my allocated 11 days although I will definitely have to switch to some shorter books at some point as finding the time to fit all the reading in is going to prove difficult in the long term.

In other news, I'm planning to book a flight bound for Cape Town in the next few days which would bring visiting a continent I haven't already been to before just a plane journey and two successful passages through customs away from being a reality.

I have a friend who lives in South Africa and have been promising that I'll go out and see her for some time so this challenge is the perfect excuse and I'm really looking forward to getting out there. Being a 'Saffa' she knows all the places to go and I'll hopefully be able to climb Table Mountain at sunrise while I'm there to knock another challenge off my list (I'm reliably informed that this would not be a possibility with Kilimanjaro).

I'm also planning to hit the gym this week in a first concerted effort to get bulking up under the way while I've also earmarked Sunday as the day to make my first ever cake.

So no challenges done yet but progress is being made and the prospect of my first challenge being chalked off is on the horizon. Who knows? By Sunday I could even have won the lottery. TWICE!

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