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Supporting Bloodwise and Sam Heughan

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21 Apr 2016



Patricia writes: 

What is my motivation?

Years ago, I founded a non-profit association together with a friend called FreuNacht. We support kids and teenagers having rights to social benefits. And then, Outlander entered my life and it all started. I’m a huge fan of Sam and his charity work. I think it is so fantastic helping others.

Last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the many positive wishes and love from the Outlander family I received helped me through this hard time. My Sassenachs sent me little presents and most of them showed their compassion by changing their Facebook profile picture.

The positive energy is the main reason for me to help others. There are so many helpless people who have gone through hard times. They all need our support. So, I decided to support Sam and Bloodwise.

Anne writes:

I lost a childhood friend at the age of 18 to Leukaemia in 1979. When another friend was diagnosed recently I was again confronted with this disease. But I learnt also that huge progress has been made by research as now there is a cure for my friend.

Being a fan of the Outlander show I learnt about Bloodwise because Sam Heughan is a supporter.

My motivation for supporting Bloodwise has been fuelled by the impressive efforts of the Outlander fandom for this organisation. At a gathering in Scotland we had a lot of fun with all fundraising activities. So, I decided to give my time to raise money for Bloodwise too and started fundraising in Germany with Patricia and Lydia in 2015.

Lydia writes:

The first time I got in contact with this illness was in 1993. My loved grandfather got sick from lung cancer and died after two years hard fighting. The worst thing was he lived so far away from me and I could only see him rarely. I was only a child, but I know now how much rage and lack of understanding built up inside me.

The second time was when a very good friend of mine was fighting breast cancer. It looked like she had nearly defeated it, but it came back and she got metastases in the whole body so she died in 2003.

I think cancer is malicious and should be fought. I don’t know if we can ever defeat it, but it’s so good to take part of this fight.

Sam Heughan has brought Bloodwise to me and it’s a matter of my heart to support this with all we can do. Sam’s passion and support is my/our motivation again and again and it’s so fantastic to have so many friends who are willing to help.


 You can find out more about the lovely trio and everyone who has helped them fundraise at                                          

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