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Supporting our Nurse Network

Kate A Keightley
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31 Oct 2016

One of our key aims this year is to reach as many nurses working in the blood cancer field and work with them to see how we can best make an impact in supporting their needs.  Read how you can get involved and help us to support the fantastic nurses who work with blood cancer patients up and down the country

What is the Nurse's Network?

The Nurse’s Network is a community of nurses working within haemato-oncology. It is facilitated by Bloodwise, but importantly it is a group led by nurses, for nurses.

Why are we doing it?

In our Patient Need research it was identified that a patient’s experience of blood cancer is inextricably linked to the nursing care they receive.  For this reason, it is a key focus for us to understand any unmet needs of this community and support nurses as best we can.  We have been working towards this in many different ways over the last year, working with our nurse's network and working group to start projects such as building educational resources, providing opportunities to share experiences and learnings, improving communication channels between different hospitals and exploring innovative ideas to improve patient care.  We are really keen to build on all of this work to facilitate a incredibly supportive community of nurses working with people affected by blood cancer to improve patient care.

How you can help?

In order to achieve our goals, we are asking for your support in reaching more nurses! By letting your nurse, or your hospital, know about our network and how to join the community, we can get a much clearer, more representative picture of what support is needed and how we can best provide it, as well as generating a stronger voice to influence key decision makers in the government and NHS to change practice where needed. 

Three ways you can help us do this is to...

  • Ask your nurse if they've heard of our network, and whether they'd like to get involved.  
  • Let them know how to contact us if they'd like more information on support@bloodwise.org.uk
  • Ask them if they'd like us to get in touch, and if they agree, pass on any contact details to us.

As always, your support is so valuable to us, and it would be fantastic to hear any feedback you have on this project.

If you have any thoughts or questions, get in touch with me any time on kkeightley@bloodwise.org.uk.  I'd love to hear from you! 



Would like to Thank All the Staff at Bristol Childrens Hospital Ward 34 and it's Oncology Staff.

We spent 6 months there and all our needs were catered for right down to schooling for our Daughter who came with us for the duration.

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