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Suppose I better start training

Paul W
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21 Jul 2014

So I signed up for this beast of a ride on Friday, so far I've managed a measly 25 or so miles, I have been on call over the weekend and this evening (Monday) so the real training can start now... the plan is to run a few fast but hilly 20-40 mile runs, as well as some shorter sprints and shorter hill climb runs over the next few weeks. Building up to longer rides. The longest I have ridden so far is 50 miles which was a hilly one and to be fair it didn't feel like a struggle. I have however been told that most cyclists hit the 75 miles mark and then start to really struggle, so I will definately not be underestimating this bad boy! Thats enough for now catch you later.. oh and thanks to all who have already donated, it's a beautiful gesture and will spur be on when the going gets tough....x



Hi Paul,

Sounds like you're actually more on top of the training than you think! You've still got plenty of time before the Bikeathon to get yourself ready for the 100 miler, especially if you've already tucked 50 miles under your belt. That said, the last 25 are, as you say, often cited as the toughest so you're right not to underestimate the ride. Our training guide might be worth a look if you need a few tips:

Great to hear that the fundraising is well underway, too. Did you know that if you raise just £100 you'll have helped ensure that two blood cancer patients will have the nurses they require for one of our clinical trials? As a thank you for reaching the £100 you'll also get a free pair of LLR cycling shorts to match the jersey you'll get in your sign-up pack.

Keep up the training and thanks for all your support - together we will beat blood cancer. 

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